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    Hi, I want to make the same text movements as in the original video, but I'm a beginner and I'm not succeeding. Could you help me?

    This is a original video:

    Here is project folder with files:
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  2. You would get far more help by using the Magix forums. That is the main support forum for Vegas users. I used to post over there all the time (over 5,000 posts). Creative Cow is another alternative.

    Short answer: use keyframes in the pan/crop dialog box. Use the pan/crop controls to change the zoom, rotation, horizontal, and vertical positions at a point in time. Move to another point in time and do the same thing. Vegas will interpolate each frame in between those two points.

    For text, you may be able to use keyframes in the text box itself. However, Vegas has so many different ways to put text on the screen that you'll have to provide more details of which text tool you are using. Again, the Magix forums will be a far better place to get an answer.
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