Hello there,

I am using PotPlayer with LAV Filters Megamix codec pack. This codec pack changes many of the default settings in PotPlayer. However, there is a setting that I would like to revert to its default state (without a complete reset of PotPlayer's settings). With default settings, if I play an incomplete video file, the complete part of the video is marked in gray (in the progress bar) and the player pauses if it reaches the end of the gray part. To illustrate,

[Attachment 46391 - Click to enlarge]

Now, with the codec pack, this is no longer the case; if the file is incomplete the whole progress bar is gray and the player stops playing instead of pausing. To illustrate,

[Attachment 46392 - Click to enlarge]

I would really appreciate your help in reverting this to the default behavior.

Thanks in advance.