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  1. I've got a Canon Vixia HFR30 videocam, and am not able to download my movies from it into my computer.
    All the movies are on the card. When I put the card into my computer slot to read it, the card is recognized, but shows that it's empty, even though I can see the movies on the videocam playback.
    I tried to install the Video Browser, but when I click on the Autoplay Setup, my WAIT icon just spins endlessly. I then clicked on the View Folders option and clicked on setup.exe, but got the same result. I went to my download folder, and clicked on what I'm pretty sure was the setup.exe file when I first operated (I know it worked at one time back in 2013, because I transferred movies at that time), but again got the same results.
    I have Win7/64 on an HPElite computer, and everything else I try to do works OK.
    Any ideas how to make the setup work, or to get the computer to find the files on the card?
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    I think that camera uses a exfat formated SD card. Did you initialize (Format) the card in the camcorder before using it?
    Have you tried other SD cards? Have you tried to transfer the video via the USB cable from the camcorder to the PC?
    Your PC should be able to read the card. You can also go to the Canon site and download the Canon software for the camera.

    But other members here may have some better ideas.

    And welcome to our forums.
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