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  1. Hey guys,

    I have some dot crowls in still regions in a Interlaced PAL videofile, but I couldn't get them off.
    Try so many Avisynthscripts (GuavaComb, TComb, DeDot).

    But nothing works. Try 2 hours or so but it won't work anything.
    I think, I do something wrong, so anyone help me out with a script or a result from my testfile?

    (The plan is to make a 50p endfile with QTGMC, but thats not the problem.)

    Thanx a lot.
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  2. You can eliminate the dot crawl artifacts with only a small loss of sharpness by resizing to half width then back to full width. In AviSynth:

    SPline36Resize(width/2, height).SPline36Resize(width,height)
    You can reduce the loss of sharpness with the use of chroma edges masks -- only resize where there are edges in the chroma.
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  3. Ok, this looks better.
    So is this right, that the other Plugins doesn't work at all?
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    Try this for the dot crawl:

    TemporalDegrain(degrain=1, ov=2, hq=1)
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  5. This is strange.

    With SPline36Resize: (Screenshot 1)
    The dot crawls on the timer are gone, but on the left upper on the numbers etc. NOT.(I didn't realized that before)

    With TemporalDegrain: (Screenshot 2)
    The dot crawls on the time are NOT gone, but the left upper on the numbers etc. are. And it's a little bit sharping the hole picture. (Good to see at the telephone numbers)

    With both plugins I get the best result, I think. (Screenshot 3)

    Check Screenshots.
    I don't see any negative artefact, when I use both at this time. (See you?)

    But it takes, of course, a longer time to render and I've hours of material.

    (Or is there a 3rd "perfect one method" out there? )

    Should I convert to 50p before eleminate the dot crawls?
    I'm asking because the TemporalDegrain site says, that the plugin works "Progressive input only".
    But in my eyes, it works with my interlaced materials, too.
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  6. I used a Panasonic DMR-EX77 DVD recorder to digitize.
    My neighbor has the exact same model and I try his recorder:

    NO heavy dot crawls at the countdown only just a little bit with I can fix with TemporalDegrain plugin!

    So what? The recorders have the same options but his have a better (whatever?). NR is off on both etc.
    Same cables/Adapters are used.

    This is strange. Again.

    So my finally (hopefully) question, so I can move on and digitize the other tapes again, is:
    Can I turn off the digital sharpness wich comes from the TemporalDegrain plugin?
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  7. Originally Posted by diginoob View Post
    With SPline36Resize: (Screenshot 1)
    The dot crawls on the timer are gone, but on the left upper on the numbers etc. NOT.
    Those are horizontal time base errors, not dot crawl. You need a line time base corrector to get rid of those.
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  8. But the Panasonic DMR-EX77 has one
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  9. It's not working.
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  10. Originally Posted by diginoob View Post
    But the Panasonic DMR-EX77 has one
    Are you sure? I spent a few minutes looking at the user manual for the EX77

    and found no mention of TBC or "time base" or anything else like that. I then went to the "summary of settings" that begins on page 61, and the only improvement or correction settings I could find is a comb filter, which can improve dot crawl, if that is indeed the problem you have, but is not a time base corrector.
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  11. Well, if I am reading that post correctly, the Panasonic engineer pretty much said that it does not have a true TBC. Also, the frame synchronizer may only affect the signal sent directly to the unit's DVD recorder, and may not improve the signal sent out via composite or S-video outputs. However, I can't really tell that for sure from what was written in that post.
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  12. OK, but I can live with that picturequality...

    But still the question, if it's possible to reduce the sharpness that the TemporalDegrain plugin do in the plugin itselves?
    Last edited by diginoob; 8th Aug 2018 at 05:40.
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  13. That TemporalDegrain is reducing the time base wiggle but it's doing quite a lot of damage to the interlacing in the live portion of the picture.
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