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  1. Hi,
    I recognized for some time now, that mpv and also players that are based on mpv like MPV-EASY Player, ... are coming more and more.

    I use for my HTPC automatic refresh rate change for every single videofile I have.

    Can this also be done in mpv or any other mpv based player? I would like to take a look at it ...
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    You're talking about the Windows version? There doesn't seem to be any native support but there are scripts ... searching "mpv automatic screen refresh rate change" got me this ...
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  3. OK, thanks, so it isn't implemented by the authors, the issue is very old and still open ... not worth a try for me then
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  4. I want to take a look at mpv again, but I want two features and can not get it to work:

    - Refresh rate switching for each video
    - HDR passthrough -> not HDR to SDR tonemapping (this works), but I can not get mpv to send the metadata to the TV -> which is HDR passthrough

    Kodi works, MPC-BE with both MPC Video Renderer and madVR works so I get OSD info of TV that it receives HDR signal. But mpv does not.
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