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    yesterday while trying to rip Freakazoid on ideal media solutions to add to Plex, my pc froze
    i assume it could not remove the encryption(?)

    can anyone recommend a different DVD/bluray ripping & burning software?
    i've heard of Acrok, Wondershare, AnyDVD, Leawo, DVDfab, etc
    (i thought DVDfab and AnyDVD were shut down)

    also, are there DVDs (tv shows and movies) that just can't be ripped and burned?
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    Decrypting/copying and "burning" should always be two, separate programs.
    MakeMKV seems to the the hands-down winner nowadays for decrypting and copying.
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  3. I still use DVDDecrypter. It works perfectly fine for me all the time.

    There may be a rare occasion where a certain DVD is too new for it to recognize or uses an encryption its not familiar with, but that rarely ever is the case for me. Out of all these years of using it, I only recall maybe 2-3 times this happened. When it does happen, I just use Slysoft/Redfox AnyDVD to decrypt it then rip with DVDDecrypter after AnyDVD does the decrypting.

    Rip with DVDDecrypter, Burn with either same thing, or IMGBurn.

    NOTE: Slysoft who originally made ANYDVD did in fact shut down. It was taken over by a new group called RedFox and they run the software now, so ANYDVD is still an option and one of the best out there.
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