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  1. I have an LG DP540H/DP542H dvd player,had it roughly 2/3 years.i watch films/tv etc through a Samsung 42" tv...just recently-mainly while watching Game of Thrones on dvd,the picture appears less sharp than it used to be,things appear blocky or slightly blurred during fast moving sequences also sometimes in dark scenes,it can be hard to make out what is happening...the DVD player is set at 1080P-the maximum resolution,reducing the resolution does not help at all...the tv is set to 16.9-setting it to Widescreen makes the picture look odd and hard to watch.....anyone know if it`s the DVD player/tv or a combination of both ?.....I`ve downloaded the manual from LG but can`t find anything in it that helps.
    Thank you.
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  2. It's probably the DVD, not the player or TV.
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  3. Can you elaborate ?,technically I`m a bit of a luddite...I have also noticed that-99% of the time,it`s only my Game of Thrones DVD`s-that even the episode menu-a static picture-appears to be not 100% sharp....
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  4. Your DVD may be unable to deal with high bitrate parts (laser ending?) - try to rip DVD disc to computer to see if there are any issues with content (such symptoms look like your disc may die soon).
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    Unless you are seeing missing parts of the picture or massive amounts of data moshing style of corruption, then it's probably just a poor quality encoding on the DVD. I've had a few DVD players over the years and have never come across a DVD player that would play an errored disc without at least pausing the movie and doing a bunch of retries.

    If you don't know, DVD Video can only go to 480p, so when it gets upscaled to 1080p it's a fake 1080p (low quality). Looking at Amazon, I see a 1-7 Season of GofT with 2 episodes to a DVD. Assuming they are dual layer DVDs then that means each episode gets around 4GB to work with. Which might not give it the bitrate budget for certain scenes.
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  6. Thank you-one and all-for your MAY-MAY-be the DVD player-just a player,not a recorder-that is acting up..I've now noticed similar problems on other older and newer DVD`S-be it film/tv shoes/music etc-I may have to get a new one.....thanks again.
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  7. Maybe you had the player set to upscale to 1080p before but it changed to 480i or 480p.
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  8. Actually I`m one of these people-because I`m a man-that does not read the instructions.i`ve had the DVD player for 2/3 years and it`s only in the last month or so I noticed the RESOLUTION button on the seems that from day one,it was set to 480i.....I`ve tried the full range of possible resolution settings,some make it worse-the lower settings-bot none make it better....sadly there are a lot of us Luddites still around.
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