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  1. How do I reduce / remove them? This type of artifact is common in old concert videos as far as I know.

    I tried WDeflicker and it would be a good way to at least reduce them a bit but it introduces dark lines just as Osmiridium warned - "If your values are too strong dark horizontal lines may appear in scenes with high contrast." Perhaps there is another way which I just can't think of? Thanks very much in advance to whoever replies!

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  2. Try to use some processing in frequency domain - this interferer looks like perfect candidate for such approach.
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    Looks like the lights are the cause of the lines.
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  4. Looks like poor deinterlacing, or leftover combing artifacts.

    If you have already deinterlaced this, then try this. It usually helps with that for me.

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  5. Accidental double post, please ignore or delete this one.
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  6. This is regular chroma interferer - perhaps camera was placed badly or some cable issue... filtering selectively this frequency in vertical direction should deliver clean picture...
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