I'm looking for any Windows software video player that can use a folder containing links / shortcuts to whatever video file I want to play WITHOUT creating or using a playlist. All of the files I wish to play are standard formats: MP4, WMV, AVI, MPG, FLV, and optionally WEBM files.

I find it to be vastly simpler and handier and more user-friendly to play a folder of videos rather than constantly having to create and endlessly modifying playlists (I HATE playlists!). To add or remove a link in a folder using Explorer is so easy and straightforward as to be trivial. You don't have to use any other software to screw around with playlists. (And copying and deleting possibly huge video files from a folder instead of links is absurd).

Also, I'd want to be able to use keyboard shortcuts to skip to the next or previous file (link), automatically stopping playing the current file.

Alternatively, I can write a script (probably in AutoIt) to accomplish this with VLC or other player from the command line, but obviously I'd prefer an already existing player, either freeware or reasonably affordable commercial application.

Anyone know of such a player for Windows? Please let me know.