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    I have a .mp4 file - approx 90 minutes long - that is H264 video and AAC audio. Watching on my Samsung TV and it plays video AND audio perfectly for the first 20 minutes. Then a box pops up that says "not supported codec" and the audio is gone. Just gone. Nothing for the rest of the movie, though the video continues without problem. The file plays perfectly - audio and video - in the computer with VLC.

    I have tried converting it to .avi and .mkv but for some reason the conversions come out with messed up audio - - slowed so much it is hurtful to listen to. Using Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate. Don't know if that is a problem or not. I tried extracting the audio and converting it but that leads to synch problems.

    Any ideas what may be going on? Any input very appreciated.
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  2. try to remux with MKVToolnix, but I don't know if your TV handles MKV
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    Sounds like a file that was concatenated improperly (binary copy of differing codecs). That could account for the crapping out midway.

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  4. Perhaps Cinavia...?
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