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  1. Hi guys, need your help here.
    I mostly use PC when I work with videos, but sometimes I have to use Mac (when I'm on the go, on business travels etc), and I've encountered problems with having to find some substitutes for the PC tools.
    Currently, I'm interested in a Mac analog of USB Image Tool (there are lots of them, I mostly use the one here but it doesn't matter, they are all simple to use). I googled and it only provided me with how to create an image file with dd comand. I'm not sure if I will be provided with .img file in the end or .dmg. I need .img , which is important.
    Anyone knows any alternatives? Preferably not via dd command... anything like the tool above or similar would be most welcome, as I'm not a fan of command line
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  2. While there is no particular way to achieve this, here is what I used and it did work out for me. Firtsly you will need to have Etcher utility. After installing it, follow the below steps.

    You can write an .img fil to an SD card with Etcher through the following steps:

    Click on “Select Image” to choose your disk image file to write to the SD card
    Click on “Select Drive” and choose the target SD card you want to write the image to
    Click on “Flash” to start the image writing process

    I hope this helps.
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  3. here is what I used and it did work out for me. Firtsly you will need to have Etcher utility.
    Thanks so much, I will try it!
    I've found another solution - to try to do this via Disk Utility, but it produced a compressed image file (without "emply" spaces on my SD card), which does not help at all! Since the lost data is stored exactly on those "emply" spaces!
    I'll give the Etcher utility a try, maybe it works finally, thanks again!
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    Why aren't you running BootCamp and just booting into Windows? Easy to do and gives you the best of both worlds, with very little performance hit (I say, as a current user of Mac laptop with both OSes on it).

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