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  1. Hi,

    I've a movie which has korean hardcoded subtitles in it. I have an SRE of the english subtitles but it's not sync'd. How do I sync the Eng subtitles with the hardcoded one? The Korean subtitles are properly timed/sync'd. The Eng subtitles are a bit bolder so easy to read overwriting on the Korean one.

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    You find out by eyeballing it what type of sync problem it is.
    For example the subs may be a second or two late at the beginning and the same amount at the end of the move.
    Or they could start off in sync and be a worse by the end, or vice-versa or even a combination of the two.
    Then you can try one of the subtitle programs to fix the times. Subtitle Workshop, Subtitle Creator, etc, etc.
    Alternatively, you could try downloading some other subs perhaps you'll find one that fits.
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    Or, if the delay is constant, you can change the sync live with Media Player Classic (maybe there are others that do this also).
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  4. start by at least synchronize the English subs to start at the same time as the Korean ones and move on from there.
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  5. That can be easily fix(in few minute if you know how and are used to it)... but all depends on what your trying to do. If you just want to watch your video in your PC, try to synchonize your first subtitle with the fisrt subtitle of your video. Do it at the beginning of the video. VCL or media player have the option to synchonize subtitle (VCL:Tools/synchronize track). Check after a few minutes if your subs still match. If not, it is probably because your subs is not base on the same speed (fps) than your video. Ex: maybe your sub had for source a 25.000fps video, and the one you are trying to put your sub on is 23.976fps. That can be fix with most subtitle program (check for fps adjustment/speed correction in those programs). So you convert your subs from 25fp to 23.976 fps or whatever. And then retry the whole exercise.

    P.S If you put your subs in the same file than your video. Just name your sub the exact name of your video, and most video program will open your sub automatically, no needs to remux or reconvert if you just want to watch it in your pc, (even on most tv via usb)

    What you can do aswell is to find some subtitle (whatever the language) that match you video. Use it as a reference. Open two windows of your subtitle program, one with your subs and the other one with the subs that match your video and you should get the proper timing. From there you will be able to set the same time for the beginnig of your sub (program/option/syncho/start earlier of later/apply to all lines). Same thing here if after a few minutes times don't matched it is because they are not base on the same speed/fps . So just convert and check... Otherwise if you have no reference. You can open you video in those subtitle program and do the work from there. Or if you know how earlier/later you subs are, base on what you found in the video program (VCL,etc. Ex : 1.500 ms late). Open you sub in your subtitle program and fix the time with the option synchronization section (show earlier/later/apply to all lines). Personnaly I like to use subtitle edit or subtitle workshop.

    Good luck
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