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    Enough of the petty arguments.
    Posts deleted and this thread will be closed if the posters can't behave civilly.

    Fair warning.

    Moderator redwudz

  2. Originally Posted by LMotlow View Post
    Originally Posted by amaipaipai View Post
    Nope, no cigar. It's obvious that DV fans know little (likely nothing) about black levels and whatnot, and don't know how to play DV on anything excepty a PC (have you heard that Tv's and other playbacxk systems have been invented since the early 90's?). By the time your blow-out highlights and lost color density gets translated into distributable formats with added encoding losses, you'll lose a lot from what is already lost. Pristine sources like 2 and 3 won't look that bad, if you lower your bar enough. And where are the noisy home-made family video samples?

    That anime needs some serious work. Starting out as lossy DV, it can only look worse by the time you're through with it.

    And come to think of it, the sample with grandma isn't interlaced. Not only are there no typical home-mades, but where are the lossless versions of the same sources? You mean you've never seen a lossless capture and don't know how to make one? Where's the tech info on how the caps were made? Talk about the usual DV runaround.
    To OP and other forum members.
    I'm not a fan of DV and no body should be either because of the 4:1:1 color sampling the DV format does to the video, for those not familiar with the term please check the links below:

    In a nutshell, DV format does this to your video:

    Zooming up:

    If you take a scene to compare different color samplings, you get somethig like this:

    This is why hyenas like LMotlow (and his friends) are cry about with the lack of "DV noise", they never use a Canopus ADVC-100 before. Maybe that is why the act like this.

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