I am trying to burn to disc(s) either DVD's or BD-R, approximately some 41.7GB of recorded content. I thought I could use (2) BD-R discs and I am hitting a road block with my new software.
Camdorder: Panasonic HC-WXF991 (4-K capable)
Software: HD Writer 5.4 [latest version 5.04]
Computer: Dell XPS desktop, with Windows 10
Possible Burner: ASUS Ext. 16x BluRay burner; or the internal DVD burner in the Dell desktop
BluRay player: LG-BP-350
Samsung Plasma TV (1080p capable)

Recording format was: MP4/iFrame. Recording mode was: 1080MP4/50m. (I used these settings because the TV is only 1080p capable and to reduce the file size. Card in the camcorder is 128 GB and it was my 1st time shooting such a large project.) Camera can record in 4-K, but not used in this project.

I can bring the scenes up on my work board using the internal DVD burner and software tells me I need 9 discs (DVD+R 4.7GB) and it looked like I could proceed. However, I had intended to burn the content on the BD-R discs and use just 2 discs. I formatted the BD-R disc, tried to use the HD settings, AVCHD. I can't bring the scenes/frames up on the work board, using the HD settings on the software, and I can not proceed in the BluRay mode. (Process is stopped.) I could try larger content DVD's if I have to, but it seems logical to use BD-R discs along with the LG bluray player. Being a HD camcorder newbie, I am stumped on how or which way to go now, trying to preserve this content. Any suggestions would be appreciated. (TIA)