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  1. Similar to how mkvpropedit can edit mkv metadata without having to remux the file. There has got to be some publicly available tool out there, windows for example can edit mp4 metadata by right clicking on the file and editing them via the Details panel, so i'm sure it's possible

    Any ideas? Thanks
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  2. TagScanner?
    You can even add image cover to your tags so it would show up as a video icon.
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  3. thank you but neither of those programs offer command line functions
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  4. Code:
    SET tool="Avisynth, Virtualdub & x264"
    SET album="Test"
    SET year="1994"
    SET genre="Game"
    SET studio="Test"
    SET rating="NR"
    SET copyright="test"
    SET comment=""
    SET picture="test.jpg"
    mp4v2\mp4tags.exe -tool %tool% -album %album%  -year %year% -genre %genre% -studio %studio% -rating %rating% -copyright %copyright% -comment %comment% -picture %picture% %album%.mp4

    There is also MP4Box, but booth of this command line tools doesn't work right, not all tags are added.
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  5. thank you ill check it out
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  6. Try recover_mp4 here at Videohelp or its updated version at
    The first one is used for fixing metadata, so it should work fine. The second does the same thing and is better at it, but far as I know it cannot be downloaded from the website.
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    Any Hexeditor can do it, but then you'd have to know the data streams' (containers, video codecs, & audio codecs) structures & formatting THOROUGHLY to be able to do proper manual replacement. (Without accidentally screwing something else up).

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