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    Nvidia denoising images, video included
    Nvidia Slow motion, video included

    The second one is from june, probably mentioned here. But HW demands seems to be huge.

    Sorry if mentioned already.
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  2. LATEST Noodling.....

    The furiously forward option... is Far better than the old Slo-Mo option...
    The old way played a very short segment then paused for a bit then another segment and a pause....
    The furious forward starts and plays a short segment of 1/25 sec or so.. then moves the start point ahead by 1/1000 second and plays most of the 1/25 segment again... over and over... slowing the progress and highlighting the same segment beautifully ...
    This is the best way to show off the Cloaked Mothership and the distant spooks as well..
    Way better.. and important breakthrough in video playback.. Yup
    Release the Swampie Videophiles ... Whoo Hoo
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    I have seen nvidia produces the best video options like always thanks for the sharing your experience
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