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  1. Hi guys, new here.

    I'm trying to convert my video files to h265 using my GTX970 with StaxRip. Tried some configurations of video quality and audio and all went well, converted the files without issues, them deleted it and tried another options to see what have the better image quality for the size I want, all ok until I tried to add a cover to the file in the Container Configuration section. The program says that covers need to be named cover, small_cover, cover_land or small_cover_land and to be in jpeg or png file formats. I did it, but still when the program finishes encoding the audio and video and go to pack all together I get this error:

    [Attachment 46066 - Click to enlarge]

    Unfortunately I have no idea what it says it's wrong. Can anyone please point me where I can get it working. Or another way to put cover files in the MKV file?


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    'The.Incredible.Hulk.2008.Bluray.1080p.DTS-HD.x264-Grym.(@BTNET)' is warez. Please read our rules before posting.

    Thread closed.

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