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    I don't know if this can help, but because there is a new version of K-lite codec (14.30), I think it could.

    You can refer to a previous old topic:

    Now, when finishing the installation of the K-lite codec, you must tick "Run codec tweak tool"

    You have now two options (maybe take both, I don't know).

    1rst option, click on DirectShow Filters under Configuration:

    Then click on ffdshow video decoder

    Go at the bottom of the right

    Click on disabled to make the radio button appear, and choose either "all RGB"

    either YV12

    I don't know which one works, just try. You can install and install K-lite codec as often as you need.

    2nd option:

    Under Codec and Filter management, click DirectShow x64

    Now click ffdshow videodecoder

    And finally tick ffdhowRAW video processor

    I guess now you can read mkv and mp4 videos with Subtitle Workshop 6.0

    Now, I have a question: is it possible to read .vob videos with SW?
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    Perhaps you can use the latest version of Subtitle Workshop 6.0d, as it has a VLC renderer. This requires VLC 32 bit installed. In the menu of subtitle workshop 6.0D: movie -> video renderer -> VLC.

    To open a video file: Movie -> Open -> Choose "All files" instead of "All supported files". Then try vob. Opening iso's is no problem when using the VLC renderer. I haven't tried opening VOB tough.
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