this is my first time trying to set up OBS for recording the game Overwatch. I made different settings and recorded the result of it:

720p60 8000br amdH264 YTpreset

720p60 40000br amdH264 YTpreset

1080p60 8000br amdH264 YTpreset

1080p60 40000br amdH264 YTpreset

1440p60 40000br CBR

Log file from my session:


My Hardware:

AMD 7850 (drive is up to date)

Xeon E3 1231 v3 ~3.4 GHz

Win10 64 Bit

In my opinion the 720p60 40k bitrate is the smoothest, probably the 8k bitrate too. I mean it's fine too watch etc, but I want to create the best quality without buying new hardware and so on. I think there is some micro stuttering in the 1080p recording, but not sure. For that I uploaded the VODs above.

I only use this VODs for improving my gameplay in general. But I want to know from you, if I can improve something about the quality. E.g. can I somehow record 1080p60 or 1440p60 without having this incredible stuttering while playing?