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  1. Need help to play this m3u8 in VLC! Does anybody know how to do it? Thanks! tv:

    streamlink "hls://,05934928102b17827b8f03ed60c3e6e0,_vmn_ar,true,_fw_vcid2,82125:tvland_99f07c61a2a44dbb88cdfda9ac8f9793&delay=10800&euid=99f07c61-a2a4-4dbb-88cd-fda9ac8f9793&exp=1531328849&rn=176188911&ad.euid=99f07c61-a2a4-4dbb-88cd-fda9ac8f9793&cid=1891d223a2964486bcf81817f4977eed&tc=1&sig=50fca8d26ab3b4b934f91238ad19b80916125300cf650eb42c83e224aca33fc5" best
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  2. You have TV provider?
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  3. I do not have a TV provider. I am using the one time 24-hour viewing pass and want to view the stream in VLC. Do you know how to do it?
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