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  1. I've authored a Blu-ray in Adobe Encore and it's ready for burning. I just bought a brand new BD burner, specifically the Pioneer BDR-XD05B, and a brand new Memorex BD-RE SL disc. The burner supports BD-RE discs.

    However, when I open ImgBurn and insert the disc into the drive, ImgBurn tells me the medium is not compatible. I've got the latest firmware and the drive and disc are both brand new. Does anyone know why this medium is supposedly not compatible? I'm quite perplexed.
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    How big is the blue ray file ?? Are the BD-RE SL discs single layer ??
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  3. It's 2GB or so. I just wanted to make a test disc to try out Encore for the first time, so it's only a few minutes of footage and a basic menu. The BD-RE is a single layer (that's the SL abbreviation above).
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