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  1. Hello All,

    I am new to this forum and am seeking help. My issue is not with a video, but with a picture instead. I have a picture that someone took of some people that stole thousands of dollars of appliances from my property. The Texas license plate is almost visible, but not enough to read it clearly. Can anyone tell me if there is a service our there or a software that can help me solve this puzzle since the police don't seem that interested or capable of image enhancement? Your help would be appreciated. Image
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    the shadow from the trailer lens obscures the last 3 digits and there aren't enough pixels in the plate portion to do anything. if the cops aren't going to help you wouldn't be able to do anything with the number anyway.

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    There are 46,656 possible plates that could match not knowing anything about the last three characters. You could narrow that number substantially by matching vehicle make, model, and color. Then make some reasonable guesses about the obscured characters. For example, the last one looks a lot like R. Then you look at identities and addresses to see who might have found it convenient to burgle your apartment.
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  4. Is much more easy to ask anyone along this street if they have a video recording around the time they showed up or leave.
    There's no much data to recover.

    Maybe this could help?
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  5. Isn't that 281-8QR?
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  6. Hello everyone! Thank you all for help. Great info! JVRainses - Where did you get your data from?

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