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For the human eyes the grain does not exist in real world
Grain represents only the technical limitation of cameras and camcorders.
Nonsense. Grain is not contained to film, and the term existed before its invention. Grain is on fabrics, on wood, on metal. Grain is the texture and surface. In fact, human eyesight is somewhat blotchy when it comes to the color data, and is not 100% smooth, meaning it inherently has some grain.

Clever sharpening
There's nothing clever about the harsh sharpening that you've done, and resulted in unnatural halos. That's just a basic/generic "sharpen" filter cranked up to 11. It's not actually nuanced, and does not take bad side effects into consideration in its algorithm.

I know it from experience from post sharpening of video camera records
What does "post sharpening of video camera records" mean? That's a nonsense phase.

long before you started to notice the simple existence of digital videos.
That's humorous. I started in the 90s, when it was still was not feasible at home. I was using SGI MediaBase for MPEG and LAN streaming. Trying to do anything digital was painful in those days, and I had to wait about 5 more years before digital was actually doable outside of a broadcast/studio/IT facility. I had to suffice with analog setups bolstered by digital techniques.

You've entered the site making asinine claims, and attacking respected when your claims are shown to be BS.