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  1. I have an old Hi8 tape which was damaged while rewinding in my uncle's Sony CCD-V600E (probably due to wrong voltage/unregulated PSU).

    Now i've bought a Sony DCR-TRV230E and i'd like to rip this cassette like i've done with the others i have.
    But i'm scared it may jam again since the tape seems damaged in the initial part:

    [Attachment 46000 - Click to enlarge]

    Do you think it is safe if i rewind the tape a bit using a screwdriver as shown in this video, capture the tape once without ever rewinding it?
    (thus, skipping the damaged part)
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    I don't see why it wouldn't be safe. But the best repair would be to cut out the damaged section so there is no chance of future jamming.
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  3. Also make sure your screwdriver is not magnetized.
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    Originally Posted by eadmaster View Post
    i'd like to rip this cassette
    No, you don't want to rip it. You can capture or record a digitally encoded copy of it, or you can even dub it to another tape. But you won't rip it. Rip has a specific meaning.
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  5. thank you for the tips, i was able to capture the tape without issues.
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