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  1. Hi cats ,

    please I wonder if is there a way to verify, via batch mode, if a specific program (in my case Mainconcept totalcode) is using a specific Directshow filter, in my case FFDSHOW as shown

    Is it possibile? thanks

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    You can set FFDshow to put an icon in the lower right area
    when it is is in use. When the icon appears, it's in use
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  3. yes, already do thanks but I need to confirm his use via batch mode, as effective process in background
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  4. Why not just enable an ffdshow filter and do something silly, such an enabling the Picture Properties filter and reducing the saturation to zero. Click Apply.
    Is the video being displayed by the program now black and white?

    Maybe more sensible..... enable the OSD filter and check a few things for ffdshow to display. If you can see ffdshow's on screen display overlayed on the video.....

    Don't forget to disable the filters again before rendering/encoding.
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  5. yes cat I have already do it (flipping image), but in general I need to build a batch that verify (at the boot of the pc) that FFDSHOW is really the default directshow filter used by the system. I try to understand if the process is in background and pick up it so that I'm shure that is really working. If not the batch have to alarm: ... warning .. FFDSHOW is not used!
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