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  1. Hello , First timer here.....
    After reinstalling my Operating system and Potplayer , I faced a new problem where double clicking a video file from a folder containig similar videos , a playlist is formed but the playback starts from the bottom through a temporary cached is a picture to better explain my situation :

    [Attachment 45988 - Click to enlarge]

    after the cached file playback ends that's it the playlist doesn't progress to the second file automatically....
    I've never had this problem before reinstalling my operating system and I don't recall a cached file being added to the playlist before..
    I've tried modifying playlist settings and general setting to no avail.

    I'm using a (Potplayer-madVR-LAV Filters-SVP) setup....I've always used this setup and never had similar problems.
    I've tried reinstalling Potplayer and tried older versions and tried resetting Potplayer settings and disabled external filters , but the problem still exist.
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