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  1. Hello Everyone,

    I am having trouble playing 480p(max resolution) youtube videos in VLC, MPC-HC, MPC-BE, KMPlayer, BSPlayer, SMPlayer and a few others I forgot.

    All of them play 480p vids as 360p. Setting preferred resolution as 480p in VLC preference didn't work. MPC-BE doesn't have 480p option and my fav, MPC-HC+KLite Codec can't even play direct youtube links.

    Only thing that works is Potplayer which tends to crash every so often.

    Since most of the programs mentioned above are quite popular, I was wondering if I'm doing something wrong.

    For instance,

    every player but Potplayer plays it as 360p. Downloading using YTD works but I want to watch in a media player.
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  2. I forgot to mention, I'm still running XP and mpv player doesn't seem to support it. Is there an old build that does?
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  3. Thanks a lot for the help. youtube-dl is great.
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