Long time ago I recorded on S-VHS tapes some TV series broadcasted by satellite, and I started recently to acquire the video.

Playing with VirtualDub and AviSynth to cut and replace bad sequences, I entered in this exciting world of Video Restoration, but my final goal is somehow
weird and I would like to ask some questions.

I wish to "restore" the video, removing all the defects inherent to the chain I used in the analog domain (Y/C and Stereo output of dvb-s Set Top Box, S-VHS
Videorecorder) and in the digital domain (Capture Card), but I do not want to improve the video quality compared to what has been brodcasted years ago.
If any defect is present in the original broadcast I do not want to fix it.

For some of the videos, I have a second version of the same episode that I have digitally captured, or better, "ripped" few years later on the same channel
with a pc dvb-s card, so I can compare the 2 versions and may be understand what kind of defects have been introduced in the first workflow (analog recording
and then pc capture) compared to the original broadcast (the pc dvb-s created a file that is a 1:1 copy of the trasmission, free of additional defects). I was
suggested to use "ColourLike" to match the colors as a starting point, later I will focus on some other point.

But for some of the captures, I only have the s-vhs tape and its captured version. Is there a way to understand what are the defects of such videos and
eventually try to reduce them, without changing the overall aspect of the image? In other words, where should I focus to understand what problems have
been introduced by the analog/capture workflow and what problem were already present in the broadcast? Is it possible, based on your experience, reduce
the first kind of problems without touching the others? I am thinking to some sort of "analog noise" that for sure is present in the captured video, and I heard
about potential "Croma VHS shift" and "Color Cast".

I apologize for the strange request, and I understand that it is not easy to discriminate the defects between "already present" and "added by analog
recording + capture", but any suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks!