Subtitle Workshop 2.51 fails to convert multiple SRT files from 23.976 fps to 25.000 fps

I have about 100 SRT files that were designed to run at 23.976 fps. I want to convert them to work with an associated set of video files at 25.000 fps. Using Subtitle Workshop 2.51's GUI, I successfully converted a test file to 25.000 fps (and verified that it worked correctly with its associated video). But I was unable to perform the same conversion across multiple SRT files. First I tried using Subtitle Workshop's [Tools.Batch Convert...] menus, but the new SRT files had the same timings as the old ones -- no matter what I did. Next I tried calling "SubtitleWorkshop.exe" via the below-shown batch file. My batch file successfully generated [] from [], but did not update []'s timings. Very frustrating. Can anybody please help me out?

Set AppPath="C:\Program Files (x86)\URUSoft\Subtitle WorkShop\SubtitleWorkshop.exe"

:: <AppPath> /CONVERT(<Inpf>/<Outf>/<OutFmt>/<InpFps>/<OutFps>

%AppPath% "/CONVERT(,976/25,000)"

Note: I am using Subtitle Workshop 2.51 becuz VirusTotal reports malware in all of the more recent versions.