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  1. I hope this is in the correct section.

    I am just getting into 4k video after a long time shooting 1080p (50fps) on a variety of camcorders.

    I need a small light weight Cam for run and gun type videos (i travel a lot) and the only camera i can find that fits my budget and size for traveling seems to be the new GoPro Hero 6, which shoots 4k/25p h264 (MP4) with stabilization, or 4k/50p h265 HEVC (MOV) without stabilization, and it is the 4k/50p mode that i want to shoot with so i don't get jerkiness in vertical lines when panning or fast moving objects pass by the camera (1080/50p was brilliant for run and gun shooting)

    I have downloaded several GoPro 6 4k sample video clips, mostly action and travel stuff, but they are all filmed in 24p or 30p, but i have not seen much of the usual jerkiness from those that i would usually see in 1080/25p videos.

    This is an official GoPro 6 video from Vimeo, which i am sure was shot in 4k/30p, but when i found a link to download that video, it was down scaled to 1080/30p at 30Mbps, but it does look pretty nice, maybe not so nice to some of you experts in this forum.

    My other 2 4k camera options were the Panasonic G85 (4K/25p) for $1200au or the better G9 camera that shoots 4k/50p for $2200au.

    Curious to hear from other members about this GoPro 6 camera.
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    They don't go any higher than 29.97 fps, but you can download 4K versions of this video with youtube-dl.
    dash-akfire_interconnect_quic-video-839737574      mp4        3840x2160  DASH video 25701k , mp4_dash container, avc1.640034, mp4a.40.2 (48000Hz)
    dash-fastly_skyfire-video-839737574                mp4        3840x2160  DASH video 25701k , mp4_dash container, avc1.640034, mp4a.40.2 (48000Hz)
    hls-akfire_interconnect_quic-21665                 mp4        3840x2160  21665k , avc1.640034, 29.97fps, mp4a.40.2
    hls-fastly_skyfire-21665                           mp4        3840x2160  21665k , avc1.640034, 29.97fps, mp4a.40.2 (best)
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  3. I just used a tool called 4k Video Downloader and i got the original uploaded 4k-30p version of that video from Vimeo, and it was h264 AVC @ 21Mbps, the 1080p version that i found was 30Mbps, but it was the 4k version that i really wanted.

    I tried the same video from youtube but it only offered the 1080p version which was only 3.8Mbps, another reason why i prefer to get stuff from Vimeo.

    From my observations from watching and downloading many GoPro 6 videos, it seems to be that most users who shoot in 4k are using 24p/25p/30p/ which records in h264 MP4 rather than the 50p/60p modes, which records the video in h265 (HEVC) in the MOV container, which is what i like about this camera, i want to record my run and gun video in 50p/60p mode and in h265 so i can fit more video onto the card.
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  4. Also, can someone suggest a decent quality 5" external monitor/screen that can be used with the GoPro while it is mounted on a small hand held rig, will be very difficult to use the small screen on the GoPro when shooting run and gun video.
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