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  1. A lot of us have the same problem. We try to export our captured stuff in Premiere 6 to MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 with CinemaCraft SP 2.50 but BANG! We can't change the framerate setting from 1fps, which doesn't let us encode at all .

    Here's the solution to your problems

    To start, you're going to need a Hex Editor ( you can find one here: )

    After you download a Hex editor, you're going to open the premiere plug in file in it (cm-mpeg-cce.prm), and then you're going to go to the address 3701 (hexadecimal mode). Here, you should find this value: 82 which is going to be changed to 9A.

    After you change it, go to File/Save and voila! You have a working CCE SP 2.50 Premier plug-in working on Premiere 6.0!
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  2. Hi ,

    It's more easy if you use the new version of this plugin, version 2.64, works fine.

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  3. muwahahahahahahahahaha...
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  4. Premiere with an E E E
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  5. Doesn't work!

    There is no hex address 3701 for starters (I used UltraEdit to try and find the location).

    Julian Maytum
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  6. I used the one i supplied on the link, and the fix worked I haven't tried Ultraedit though, but remember the address is in Hexadecimal mode, not decimal.
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