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    I noticed Orsetto and few people talking about the ER310

    most vcrs had composite or s-video output
    vcr --> s-video --> polaroid 2001g --> component --> AverMedia ER310 --> h.264 files

    has anyone tried using the ER310 for vhs capture?

    [update 2018-07-05]

    i picked one up, used a tivo hd for test as a component source

    [followup #1 .. ugh]

    VRD has a problem editing 480i recordings

    [followup #2.. solution]

    VRD has a workaround setting for 480i recordings

    [followup #3.. more progress]

    i'm discussing it more over on avsforum,
    but found esata to hdd cables can be used backwards
    to connect an external esata device to the internal sata connector
    did a youtube video

    the on device video editor is not bad, but can delay when marking edit points
    while it searches for GOP points where it can make fresh cuts

    the er310 seems to have Black level control, which it calls STB range

    the er310 has an ethernet port, but its not very useful

    in three years and ten firmware updates they seem
    to have focused on stability and bug fixes
    rather than adding new features

    there is more to explore
    - not sure if the IR blaster is for controlling an STB or being controlled by an STB
    - scheduler and input detected power on seem to be alternatives of the same feature
    - remote hints at either a CD playback or DVD burner feature using USB drives

    wish i could just talk to an avermedia developer for a few minutes
    nothing has come of a tech support ticket
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