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  1. Hi,

    I am about to edit a time-lapse video of multiple short video clips that were recorded at *nearly* the same spot, one clip on each day. As I had to re-position the tripod every day, the camera position/angle does change a bit between the clips. I was wondering if any of the video editing tools have an option to "auto-position" them so that in the end result the subjects (trees and such) would always be at the same spot. Of course it would have to crop a bit from some of the borders, but that wouldn't be a problem. I know I could do it manually, but with almost 100 clips that wouldn't be a trivial task.

    I am using Windows 7.
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    There are "stabilization" tools that attempt to lock in the position of a main subject by slightly shifting the overall image within and around/beyond the floating window of the end result.

    However, it can do this properly when the cam hasn't really changed perspective, so the changes would only amount to translation/rotation.

    What you are wanting to do is to compensate for changes in perspective, which requires separate changes to foregrounds, middles, and backgrounds. It is possible, but much more difficult, unless your perpective change was extremely minor.

    The major, pro-oriented NLEs can do this as can AfterEffects and AVISynth. Don't know about any others. Maybe AVIutil.

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