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  1. Hi, due to the hardware I use, libass is a bit too slow sometimes and I can get a speedup by turning off shadows and reducing outlines, the problem is I have some subs which have too many styles, I've thought about trashing the styles and using my own but would much rather simply turn off the shadows. Right now I open the file in notepad and go line by line, but it's too much work and feel like there's a lot of room for error. I know I can use Aegisub too, but found it slower than notepad.

    I've searched for some time now and got nothing. Does anyone know a program that can automate this?
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  2. You could use Notepad++ Search -> Find in Files to edit multiple files.
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  3. That would be useful, but my problem is being unable to edit multiple styles in one file. In Notepad++ I can use 100,.?,.?,.?,.?,.?,.?,00 to find all the styles in at least the file I am working on but I don't know what to write to replace only the shadows.
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  4. You put something in parentheses to "carry" it. Then to put it into output a backslash followed by the number (E.g. \1 if you carry the input of the first parentheses).

    search: ([0-9]+),([0-9]+),([0-9]+)
    replace with: \3-\1-\2

    input: 7,55,69
    output: 69-7-55
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  5. Many thanks, this was what I was missing.
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