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  1. Hello,

    I used to hard-code videos on windows with FFmpeg software using command prompt but those command doesn't work on mac os when I type them in Mac terminal.

    So any solution? how do I batch hard-code subtitles on videos in mac operating system using FFmpeg ?
    I used this command while working with windows :

    ffmpeg -i xxxx.mp4 -vf "subtitles=' :force_style=Fontsize=24' "xxxxhc.mp4"

    Its urgent
    Please help.
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    I suppose you got the path to the files in order (/ instead of \, etc.) or scripted?
    Which ffmpeg do you have installed? I like the precompiled versions from OSX Experts.
    • Your use of quotes is incomplete (you open more than you close) and faulty (no quotes should be directly before the subtitles argument).
    • No space after srt. The space character (unless escaped) is a separator in Terminal.
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