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  1. Objective: convert old 8mm tapes to DVD

    Equipment: DVD Recorder- Panasonic DMR ES20
    Camera-SONY Tr22 handycam 8mm

    Problem: Camera plays, image lines through Panasonic fine, plays on TV, Panasonic acts like it records, shows "REC" icon on LCD and the counter moves, (leaves a data burn on the dvd) but after recording it will not finalize (or play) and claims there is no data on the newly recorded DVD.

    I recently recorded a MiniDv w/o issue with this Panasonic recorder (except the MiniDv camera had known audio issues) and the recording was just to check the functionality of the Panasonic recorder and it worked.

    This project is turning into an utter nightmare all equipment has been replaced and broke at least once so far this month, nothing seems to work, frustration is reaching the stratosphere, all I want to do is convert my old MiniDvs and 8mmís and be done with it.

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    Have you considered hiring someone with the equipment and expertise to preserve your videos? It may be worth leaving behind the frustration behind.
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  3. Yes, I did consider until I found what it would cost to convert a combined 42 (8mm and MiniDvs) tapes, I just do not have that kind of cash laying around and I do have the equipment, if I could only get it working.
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    What input connections are you using to connect
    The handycam to the DVD recorder ?? And have you
    Tried connecting the camcorder to the other connectors on the recorder ??
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  5. Bad, or just incompatible, media?
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  6. I have been using the input in front "In 2" b/c it is easy to get to and it worked for the MiniDV, but good idea I will try another input in case that is a digital-only input.

    From what I researched, this Panasonic model has no problem with recording the 8mm format.

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