Hi 2 all.
I need to build professional equipment to delivery 1080i side-to-side video.
Need to use ffmpeg with libx264 + aac , mux to flv and deliver using rtmp protocol with output to decklink card
i build ffmpeg with decklink support and need to use it
Some problem, i have that's stream deliver only 1080p
On decklink driver i select output in "1080psf" format to upconvert outgoing signal to sdi1080psf, but when i leaving out live, i have synchronization loss...
Can i enable native 1080i output signal in my equipment?
Can x264+flv+rtmp in ffmpeg supports native delivery 1080i signal?
Or i need to build some overlays to upconvert mbaff to native tff?
Or buy hardware 1080p to 1080i converter?

Please, help me with some theoretical knowleges