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  1. I'm skilled enough with Mpeg2 editing (with smart rendering) and DVD authoring, been doing it for years. On the other hand, I'm definitely a newbie when it's time to work on formats more used nowadays like MP4 or mov.

    This is my current project, if you have any hints or advices about it I'd be more than glad:

    - I have a bunch of mp4 files (different sections of a concert I filmed). I would like to join them with very simple transitions between one and the other (just a little blending): is there a program that would allow me to do this without reencoding the whole thing?

    So far, I only edited MP4 files with Wondershare Filmora because, unlike this one, it was all projects where reencoding would have been ok.
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    Concatenating will concatenate files with the same format, frame rate, size, etc. And adjust timestamps for contiguous play. This should work if all your mp4 are the same as described in the link above. If they are different or do not start with key frame (I-frame) then they will have to be recorded. Smart rendering is possible but tricky with ffmpeg as well as some other programs.
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  3. Thank you, but concatenating is not what I need.

    All the files are recorded with the same device and the same video options, so I guess concatenating would work. That said, what I need is adding a little transition between the videos so that each one blends into the following one. And I would need just the few secs of the transitions to be reencoded, not the whole video. With MPEG2 I used to do this very well with Mpeg Video Wizard, MP4 seems a completely different beast though.

    According to GSpot the codec is avc1 (H.264/MPEG-4 AVC). Is there a program that would let me do that?
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  4. VideoReDo certainly. The other good one is TMPGenc Smart Renderer.
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