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  1. I used mkvtoolnix to change the frame rate of a HEVC mkv. My understanding is this only affects the container, not the HEVC stream. Is that a problem or do most or all players ignore the video stream timing? (It worked with the one player I tried).
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  2. Not all players respect the container level frame rate flags. Especially outside a computer (like the media players built into some TVs and Blu-ray players).
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  3. Do you know of any utility that can change the frame rate of an HEVC stream?
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    You could try NVHSP
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  5. Thank you! This seems to work (for 25fps):

    ffmpeg -i input.mkv -c copy -bsf:v hevc_metadata=tick_rate=25:num_ticks_poc_diff_one=1 output.mkv
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