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    Hoping to get some help on a PC to Stereo receiver connection based on my constraints. Got an old Asus P5QL-VM EPU motherboard that has the orange, black, and green lines out. Capable of 7.1 channels (I only want 5.1). For the receiver, I have an even older Sony STR DE335 that has no digital inputs whatsoever. I have never hooked up a PC to a receiver before but from the research I have done it looks like I use 3 3.5mm to Red/White rca cables and connect them like:

    Green port on PC to both Front RCA connections on Stereo
    Black port on PC to both Rear RCA connections on Stereo
    Orange port on PC to Center and Subwoofer connections on Stereo

    sound right?

    Other questions:

    Will I have to remove my video card I have installed (and connected to my HDTV via HDMI) in order for motherboard sound to work? Meaning I won't be able to use the video card HDMI and sound to the TV and the motherboard sound to the receiver?

    Is there likely configuration in windows that I will have to do to get sound porting to the right channels?

    Thanks in advance for any help provided!
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    Assuming you already have it, but here's a link to the MB manual:

    As far as removing your add on sound card, you may just be able to disable it in BIOS. I'd try that first.
    Not sure if both audio cards/chips will work at the same time.

    Others here may have better advice.
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    Both can have drivers installed & be enabled - the determination of sound output is chosen in the sound playback contol panel. Barring custom mixer drivers & settings though, or some other interaction strangeness, only one pathway can be output at a time. Choose it and it's chosen, until you choose something else. Non-chosen options will just be "idle" and basically ignored.

    If you only have 3 out jacks, you have at most 6 (read 5.1) discreet channels to use. Of course, the aforementioned 7.1 option may include matrixed channels. Which you could elect to ignore.

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