I've had a problem for the last 18 months, failing to get a VPN working properly on my Fire TV.

It's a 2nd gen. model, with the latest software version.

I have an account with PIA, but could not login using their APK, and i WAS using the right password and user name!

Recently tried the free Ultrasurf, which installed and connected, but was buggy, causing the Fire to freeze up.

Recently i paid for IPVanish, regarded as the most Fire friendly, and lo and behold, had the same issue with logging in!

Any theories or suggestions here folks?

I'm awaiting a response from IPVanish, but if anything like PIA, they will be stumped!

Can't decide if this is a software or firmware issue.

I could factory reset the Fire, but i'd like to avoid if poss.

I'm sure it shouldn't be this difficult!
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