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  1. Handbrake was able to remove it using Yadif. What is the avisynth script for it?
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    The broken frame is really 4 interlaced fields spread over 2 consecutive frames. If you deinterlace your sample, the four fields are 40, 41, 42, and 43. You have to save the audio track for later use because ReplaceFramesMC2 adds a glitch to the audio at the replace point.

    vid=AviSource("drive:\path\to\video noise.avi")
    QTGMC(preset="super fast")
    return last
    I just noticed, it looks as if you capped noisy analog to DV. What a shame. DV enthusiasts will help you clean it up. The reds are very noisy.
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  3. Thanks for the script.
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