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  1. So I made a DVD of some old home movies using DVD Lab Pro. It's a little over 6GB, and I tried to shrink it to fit on one disc. I kept getting that nagging "Out Of Memory" error from DVD Shrink, so as I tried changing a few settings and rebuilding the DVD I noticed that DVD Shrink issue happens every time at the same point; where one specific M2V ends and the next begins. I noticed it always crashes when trying to convert VTS_01_3.VOB. I found somewhere online some info that says to run FixVTS on it.

    I download FixVTS, I open up the folder with the DVD files, I tell it to fix the whole folder. It gets to VTS_01_3.VOB and an error pops up;
    "Couldn't open VTS_01_3.VOB for read/write."

    I open this VOB file in VLC and it plays like a champ.

    Is there any more "robust" program that can fix a VOB file? I don't want to convert it to MPG, I already have the original files. I suppose if I HAD to I could re-author it so that one disc has the first M2V and the other has the second one, but I really wanted to get this all on one disc. Anyone got any suggestions?
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  2. Have you tried DVD Decrypter? An old programme but you can copy single files from a dvd to your harddisk. Helps me a lot when DVDShrink can't read DVDs.
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