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  1. Hi guys!

    Can anyone help me downloading this stream? I tried ffmpeg but it returned "Server returned 403 Forbidden (access denied)"
    It's a video from an online course. I have my own user/password to the members area. I need to use the authentication in the command line?

    Link below:
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  2. If the m3u8 file can not be visited, no one can complete downloading
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    When I play that video I get some video "poker lab". That doesn't seem like an online course. Is it the correct video?

    Maybe it is an online course;

    Rubem Coelho is unlikely to see this since he posted weeks ago.
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  4. It's an online course of poker. I'm member of it, have login ad password but the videos can only be watched online, no download option avaliable. Is there a way to download since I have my credencials?
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