Need A python coder who can grab m3u8 file from more than 1 video ( video) and then scrape all the content from those m3u8 files and combine to form new m3u8 files
Simply put a script which grabs m3u8 files from 2-3 videos and then combines those files to make it one full video

The script need to do all tasks on the go, no downloading of m3u8 files or .ts files

2) the script also need to grab and combine different quality files like 360p m3u8 and combine exactly to 360p version of other m3u8 files
and same with other 480p and 720p files

3) those m3u8 files contain only path (no domain) (go to and take a look)
so script also need to add the domain (domain need to be same as that of m3u8 file location)
A m3u8 file consists a lot of urls without domain, so that domain need to be added to all m3u8