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  1. Google simply turns up garbage with this. I'm currently using Kate and she is okay but I'm polling you guys for anything better. I've heard better AI voices in Youtube videos so I know there's gonna be something way better than this in 2018.
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  2. Google's recent Duplex demo is the best I've heard. Starts about 35 minutes in...

    Amazon Polly sounds pretty good.
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  3. Duplex sounds quite convincing but Polly has something artificial in background...
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  4. As I understand it, Amazon Polly uses third part voices. So some are better than others. I found "Amy" to be pretty good. But I've only heard a few samples.

    I hope Duplex allows you to bypass the interjections once it becomes available. I'd love to be able to throw an ebook at it and get an mp3 file back.
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  5. Amazon Polly isn't a voice, it's a huge set of voices. Duplex isn't available, Amy is British and the rest creep me out. I settled with Salli. Her name sounds like one of a 5-year-old kid but thankfully her voice isn't unlike some of the others.
    What do you know... processor speeds have hardly moved up an inch since 2012 yet progress was made. I feel whole again, maybe I'll let Salli read me a bed time story.

    And on a personal note, I would never under any circumstances have the NSA (Duplex) read me anything no matter how pleasant the voice is.
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