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  1. Hi!

    I'm having a problem with the video, not the sound. Thing is the video gets laggy and pixelated at times on Subtitle Workshop (and Subtitle Edit). Actually, it plays absolutely horribly. The video is animation, cartoons, 23.98 fps and video codec AVC1.

    I have ffdshow installed and no problem at all viewing any videos on Windows Media Player, VLC and any other subtitling software except SW and SE.

    SW doesn't use Windows Media Player as the internal video player on purpose, according to their own manual. If it did, I wouldn't be having this problem.
    I tried to change the internal video player for SW but apparently you can't?

    Thing is, I need to use SW because I prefer this platform for subtitling, always use that one. So, I desperately need to solve this.

    Any ideas, please?

    Thanks so much!
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  2. So... It seems that SW uses VLC as internal video player.

    Well, the video play perfectly on VLC, still awfully on SW!
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    Not a direct answer but a suggestion.

    Did you update to the latest version and then find these issues ? According to the update the program had an option to use vlc as a additional renderer. A renderer is NOT a playback engine. And as you already stated vlc plays back your video fine as a standalone.

    The additional renderer only uses the 32 bit vlc if installed. So if you have a 64 bit installed that may be the cause of your problem. Install the 32 bit version to see if that solves it.

    Or, reinstall an older version which was working fine for you.
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  4. On SWS, what is your video renderer? VMR9? or default?
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  5. Hi everyone!

    Problem solved!I followed a YouTube video and used Tweak Codec to change some settings.

    I didn't update anything lately, but maybe the videos were somehow different from what I used before, who knows

    Video renderer is VMR9 on SW. And not sure what VLC version I have, but I have hardware acceleration set to automatic and "repair AVI" in the codecs section of VLC.

    Basically. what worked was changing ffdshow video decoder/ RAW video/ all supported.

    And magically, that fixed it!

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    Hi, there is now also a Subtitle Workshop version that is capable of using VLC as video renderer: version 6.0d.
    Kind Regards,
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