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  1. Hello, I hope someone can help me. I just started using MeGui . .

    I want to creat an AVS script, and I need to open the video with DirectShowSource

    but it says : " DirectShowSource or AVISource is not sopprted " and when I looked at the log I found this :
    Click image for larger version

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    What sould I do ?
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    Oops looks as if my reply got lost in the thread shuffle.
    Install Avisynth 2.60 from the software section of this site (uninstall the old one first)
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    1) Reasons not to rely on DirectShowSource have been explained thousands of times. MeGUI prefers "indexer" plugins (FFMS2 oder L-SMASH Works) using libavcodec (the core of ffmpeg) where it works, and if you really insist in the unreliable DirectShow system (in cases where the "indexer" plugins don't support an exotic format), you have to enable it manually in its options. You believe you need DirectShowSource? Please explain why. Serious reasons for it are rare. Following an outdated "world's best super" guide is not a relevant reason.

    2) MeGUI supports legacy AviSynth 2.6 (preferably the MT version by SEt) or the more powerful AviSynth+ in a current pinterf MT release or development version (see the doom9 forum); if you don't want to update your outdated AviSynth version installed in your Windows system, then just enable the MeGUI option to always use the included portable AviSynth+ DLL. But be aware that multi-threading works differently in AviSynth+ MT.
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