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  1. Hello,

    Every day I find more and more video sites where it is impossible to download video from. Even after trying Replay Media Catcher, Jaksta, TubeDigger, web add-ons and extensions. One of the best programs I used before is RTMPDump Helper and one of the users here (@chapun67) taught me how to use it. Unfortunately, this was so long time ago, I really forgot how to use it. Can someone possibly remind me? I remember some steps like finding embed code in web browser (I do not remember anymore) and then putting it together with video id, replacing \ in the link with /, and then pasting it to RTMPDump program to download it. It was perfect because I could choose video quality from the link and decide if I want to download 720 or 1080p. The problem is, I really do not remember the exact steps.

    Is there anyone who is familiar with this way of video downloads and can remind me, so I can continue downloading on my own.

    Thanks for replies.
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  2. Hi llaallaalllaaa ,

    read :
    How to download flash video RTMP/RTMPE streams using free software
    one of your posts

    Cheers .
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