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  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm new here; I don't know if this the best place to ask my question. We'll see.

    I am interested in some documents featured on a Japanese laserdisc (I'm not sure if it is still available). Since I don't live in Japan, and since I don't have a LD-player, buying the disc seems a bit complicated to me - I just want two tracks of it.

    Ok, maybe this is a bit borderline, but this is what I was thinking: I could ask to someone in Japan to get access to a copy of the LD, to convert the tracks I'm looking for into mp4, and to send it via WeTransfer or the like. (I know this means loss of quality, but to some extent I'm ready to accept this).

    Does anyone here had experience with this kind of questions?

    Thanks for the feedback!



    Right: I apologize for posting multiple threads...

    The most obvious choice would be to buy the laserdisc, I know. But I will probably never watch the laserdisc otherwise than in a converted form; nobody in the environs has a LD-player as far as I know. That's the reason why I am a bit reluctant to buy it. I don't want to buy a LD-player just for one disc, (actually for two tracks of it...).

    If you wanna know this is the disc I'm talking about:

    More precisely, the two bonus tracks featuring the wife of the composer playing piano works. (The improvisations by the composer are available on DVD in Europe and USA).
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    I would say improbable but it's impossible if you don't even identify the disk
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  3. Purpose: Piracy?
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    Ask a mod to merge your two threads together. It's against forum rules to post multiple threads and you'll get more responses in a single one. It's also bad netiquette and has already happened, other posts on your other thread won't be seen here and vice versa.

    If by "documents" you mean text or still images from the disc, it's probably available somewhere since they had to captured from a physical source. If you're talking about videos from the disc, then as teodz1984, you must own and have possession of the disc or it's illegal to own or request here.

    That said, the number of Laserdisc owners around the world is very small. The players are still usable, but many (possibly the majority) of discs have suffered some degree of laser rot. The number of Laserdisc player owners who also have a capture device (they keep their players because they want play them directly) and are willing to send you a captured video, virtually zero.

    Take johnmeyer's advice and scour Ebay, not only U.S., but Japan (I think Yahoo Auctions is pretty big in Japan) and elsewhere in the world and have someone transfer it for you. Keep johnmeyer high on your list since about a year ago someone asked about LD transfer service and got no responses.

    Also search for sellers (on Ebay, Yahoo or across the web) that sell used Japanese books or magazines as they may run or visit used book or video stores in Japan. I lucked many years ago when I found someone in Japan selling used photobooks (sadly he's no longer in business) and asked him if he could keep an eye out for a photobook I was looking for. Not only did he find the book I wanted, but another that I didn't know existed. The story gets better because when I saw that a section of the book talked about a CD that until then was only a rumor, he found it for me! Mahalo Nui Loa, Phil!!! Eternally grateful!

    Another thing to do is visit forums (even better if you can read Japanese) about Japanese videos, music or anything related to an actor or actress that may appear in the film/video. I got another amazing find because I was regular on a forum dedicated to a JPop group. When I learned that a limited release CD set by a couple of Taiwanese artists was released, I asked another regular on the forum who was in Singapore to see if it was available there. Sure enough it was and after a few emails back and forth, he graciously got it for me for the cost of purchase and shipping. Duo jei sai la JT!!! Hope you're not "poor JT" anymore!!!

    Finally, if you don't know anyone in Japan, there are shopping services (only know they exist, not any names) that will search out items for you. You might also try searching or posting a request on which has somebody to do just about anything (legal of course) you can think of there.
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